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After returning from deployment to Afghanistan, Marine Corps veteran Adam Wonder began pursuing his bachelor’s in engineering school while also serving in the Marine Corps Reserves. During this time, he also worked as an auto mechanic and eventually as an engineering technician at a national laboratory.

After earning his bachelor's degree in engineering, Adam moved on to work in the automotive manufacturing industry as a project manager and automation engineer. It was during this time that his wife MaKayla opened her esthetics business (Wonder Wax Studio) and sparked Adam’s interest in entrepreneurship. With positivity and support from his family, Adam opened Wonder Wash as a part-time venture in March 2020.

Adam soon realized the potential autonomy and freedom of time that owning a business could offer. He fell in love with the idea of a lifestyle that could support his and Makayla’s dreams of travelling. In July 2021, he made the decision to transition Wonder Wash from part-time to full-time and hasn’t looked back since.

"I enjoy pressure washing, but what I love is the freedom of time business ownership has afforded me, as well as the time that I’m able to give back to my clients and employees. Weekends and afternoons are often spent on chores and extra curriculars, with very little room for quality time with loved ones. We don't just provide services as a routine task, we take pride in the sense of satisfaction that a clean space brings to our clients, and the priceless gift of time it gives back to them and their families.”

-Adam Wonder, Owner

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